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    Location: Kannan Devan Hills, Kerala 685561, India.

    Estimated Visiting Time: 2-3 hours

    Language: Malayalam

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    Anamudi is the highest peak in southern India, located in the Indian state of Kerala at 8,842 feet or 2,695 meters. Anamudi means ‘elephant’s forehead’ as if it were the head of an elephant. Anamudi is a mountain in the Idukki district that offers unique features for a traveler or photographer. Anamudi can easily attract a traveler.


    It is one of the most attractive places in the town. Anamudi is said to be the highest mountain after the Indian Himalayas. There are various animals and plants in the vicinity of the mountain. The route of the mountain gives a wonderful view of the Periyar river, Thamirbarni, and Vaigai rivers. Evergreen trees can be found here. Especially the pictures of rain will persuade the travelers.


    Skink Lygosoma sp, Scincidae, Anamudi shola National Park, Kerala. A dark black coloured skin found in shola forest.

    This place is famous for Its beauty. people from many places come to visit this place. The flower which blooms once in 12 years is found here and is known as Nilakurinji. Actually, there is no history behind this place. People come to enjoy Its beauty.

    Inside/Outside Views

    Beautiful View of Anamudi Peak.

    The whole view of This place is amazing. a lot of people visited this place every year. The flower which blooms once in 12 years is found here which is known as Nilakurinji. The view from the top of Anamudi is really very entertaining. From the top one can visit tea lands, valleys, spice gardens, and Nilgiri hills. Being so high, it is called the Everest of South India. And so Anamudi is a perfect place for trekking and hiking. The natural beauty of the tops of wildlife and anamudi attracts a photographer. It is a suitable place as a picnic spot and also has tents and camping arrangements for trekking.

    Opening Hours

    It is open for all days of the week from 7.30 am to 4.00 pm.

    Entry & Others Fees

    There is no entry fee to visit Anamudi Peak but you have to pay to enter into Eravikulam National Park. INR 65 for Indians and INR 245 for foreigners.

    How to Reach

    By Air:  The closest airport to Anamudi Peak is the Cochin International Airport which is about 114 kilometers away.

    By Train: The nearest railway station to Anamudi is the Aluva railway station which is about 116 km away.

    By Bus: The closest bus station to Anamudi is Munnar Bus Station which is about 26 mins away.

    Tips for Travellers

    You must wear sunglasses and a cap to protect yourself from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and heat. For those whose skin is sensitive, you must use sunscreen lotion. It is necessary to provide a much-needed first aid box and some medicine for first aid. It is better to wear your leech socks because of the forest cover.


    Que-01: Is this place safe to visit?

    Ans: Yes, it is safe to visit the Anamudi. The nearest Police station is Devikulam Police Station.

    Que-02: Is photography allowed in this place?

    Ans: Yes, Photography is allowed to visit the Peak.

    We wish you all the best for your journey. Happy Travel!!!

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