Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar

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    Location: WRPM+8F7, Manakula Vinayagar Koil St, White Town, Puducherry, 605001, India

    Estimated Visiting Time: 2-3 hours

    Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple is a Hindu temple in the Puducherry Union Territory of India. Dedicated to Lord Ganesha, it is a popular pilgrimage and tourist destination in Puducherry. The temple is quite ancient and predates the French occupation of the region. During Dupleix’s rule, an attempt was made to destroy the temple, but it was spared due to strong protests from the Hindu population and threats of the British and Maratha invasion of the territory. Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple is one of the oldest temples in Puducherry, a union territory in the southern part of the Indian subcontinent. The temple is located 400  meters west of the Bay of Bengal, 165 km south of Chennai (Tamil Nadu state capital), 23 km north of Cuddalore, and 35 km east of Villupuram in Tamil Nadu. The presiding deity of this temple “Manakula Vinayagar ” (Pranav Murthy) is facing east. The temple was once bounded by Orleans Street (now Manakula Vinayagar Quail Street) on the east, Jawaharlal Nehru Street on the south, Law-de-Lauriston Road on the north, and a canal running north-south on the west.



    Manakula Vinayagar Temple, in Puducherry, is a large and beautiful temple, dedicated to the Hindu Lord Ganesha. Puducherry may be a place full of churches, but the Manakula Vinayagar Temple is a huge allure among Hindu devotees and tourists traveling from all parts of the country. 


    Built before the 15th century, the ancient Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple is located 400 meters from the Bay of Bengal in Pondicherry’s White Town. This temple is dedicated to Bhavanesha Ganapati – a form of Lord Ganesha, who is known as the remover of obstacles. It is said that the French people built a fort next to the temple in 1688 AD during French rule. Sri Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple is located in the heart of Pondicherry (or Puducherry). The Manakula Vinayagar temple existed before the French settlement in Pondicherry i.e., before 1666. According to the scriptures, 16 types of Lords Ganesha are named after the various forms facing the east coast near the Bay of Bengal. Bhubaneswar as Ganapati, now called Manakula Vinayagar. In Tamil ‘Manal’ means sand and ‘Kulam’ means pond near the sea, which was earlier filled with sand around the pond. So, people called the deity Manal Kulathu Vinayagar [meaning God near the sand pond]. Later it was named Manakula Vinayanagar. A rich mythology is associated with the temple, and it is believed that during French rule, attempts were made to throw the idol into the sea from where the temple stands, and every time this was done, the idol was consumed. reappeared where it had stood, after which the French gave up. 

    Inside/Outside Views

    Spread over an area of ​​7913 square feet, the main attraction of this temple is the gold-plated Kodi Kambam which is 18 feet high. Another interesting feature is the idol of Ganesha which is perched on a golden chariot. Made entirely of teak wood and gold shelves, the golden chariot was built solely from donations made by devotees to the temple. In fact, a total of 7.5 kg of gold has been used to make this chariot and it costs around Rs 75 lakh. The beautiful architectural design also includes a mandapam, a watchtower, and the king gopuram housing the idols of the deities. Apart from Ganesha, one can also find idols of other important deities including Sri Krishna, Murugan, Shiva, Parvati, and many more inside the temple.

    Opening Hours


    • 5:45 AM – 12:30 PM
    • 4 PM – 9:30 PM

    Entry & Others Fees

    There is no entry fee to visit Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple.

    How to Reach

    By Air: Enjoy direct flights from Hyderabad or Bangalore to Pondicherry Airport for hassle-free travel. It is the domestic airport of the city and only receives flights from these 2 cities. However, if you are a resident of another city, you can easily get a connecting flight from Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Udaipur, Kochi, etc.

    For foreign travelers, Chennai International Airport is considered the nearest gateway. After reaching any airport, one can book a private taxi from the list of top car rental companies in Pondicherry to explore their desired destination. 

    By Rail: Another convenient way to reach Puducherry is by train. Puducherry Railway Station, the main station of the city, maintains good rail connectivity with other metro cities of India and is just 1.7 km from the location. From there, you can search for local transportation to access various locations in the city. 

    By Road: Opt for a self-drive all the way to Puducherry to overlook outstanding scenery and mesmerizing views throughout. A road trip to the city is nothing less than a dream come true for road trip enthusiasts and nature lovers. There are private and state-owned bus facilities that regularly ply to and from the destination. So, you don’t have to worry about anything.

    Tips for Travellers

    • Choose traditional or ethnic attire whenever you plan to visit this location. It is not recommended to wear anything that cannot help you cover your shoulders, head, and neck.
    • Remove all leather goods before entering the complex. Although this is not a strict rule, it looks better if the temple is decorated and sanctified.
    • Do not take your shoes/slippers inside the temple. Since it is a sacred place, it is important to keep it outside the premises.


    Que-01: Is this place safe to visit?

    Ans: Yes.

    Que-02: Is photography allowed in this place?

    Ans: Photography is not allowed inside the temple.

    Que-03: What Is the Best Time to Visit Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple?

    Ans: At any time of the year Arulmigu can seek the blessings of Ganesha at the Manakula Vinayagar Temple. However, it is generally considered best to visit during the winter season i.e., from October to March.

    We wish you all the best for your journey. Happy Travel!!!

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