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    Location: Amarpur, Deb bari, Tripura , India

    Estimated Visiting Time: 1 hour

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    For its panels of rock carving on steep mountain walls on the bank of the Gomati river in the Indian state of Tripura, Chabimura or Chobimura also known as Chakwrakma or Chakrakma is popular. Huge carved images of Shiva, Vishnu, Kartika, Mahisasura Mardini Durga, and other Gods and Goddesses are provided there. At Haa Kwchak or Haschak, it is situated on the bank of the Gomati river, Amarpur subdivision under Gomati district,  from the main city and capital Agartala, Tripura, India which is at a distance of 82 km. 30 km away From Udaipur, at a distance of 30km, and from Amarpur 7.5 km away.


    People Spending time in CHAKRAKMAWithin the steep rocky walls on both sides, the Gomti River flows through the gorge. Few rock carvings on the vertical faces of the mountains will be seen if observed carefully. For the visitors, there are a few more surprises in store, at Chabimura or Chabimura near Amarpur In the Gomati district of Tripura. Well, again after Unakoti, Tripura seemed to surprise its visitors.


    On vertical mountain faces, there are rock carvings made of light yellow sandstone. On the mountain walls, there are a total of 4 panels of rock-cut sculptures.   It’s visualized by  Numismatist and scholar Jawhar Acharjee that in the eighth century, the carvings on the Deb Tamura and Chabimura hill ranges had been created by artists. The images of Pancha Devata are the first panel that will be noticed by anyone at the start of his journey to the panel consisting of. The size of the panel is approximately about 9m x 5m.Historical Place in CHAKRAKMA Images of Shiva,  Kartikeya, Vishnu, Ganesha, and Devi Shakti with their proper vahanas consist of this panel, according to Hindu mythology. Showing a procession of a queen in a palanquin followed by several persons, there is another smaller panel, further downstream. Along with their leader, this group consists of 37 male and female figures. A little further away about 500 m downstream,  containing an image of Brishabahana Shiva holding Damru in his hand, there is another panel. Having the 13-meter-high image of Goddess Durga, finally, we arrive at the panel.

    Inside/Outside Views

    Here you see the ancient sculpture of hindu goddess and many more. You can also take a boat journey in gumati river where you can enjoy the natural beauty.

    To become the signature product for Tripura tourism, this place has proper potential. Riding a boat at the river is really amazing here. Whatever here security is a big argument. Boating people and guides here are also cool and unless insisted upon, they do not provide life jackets.

    Opening Hours

    1. Monday       10 AM–6 PM
    2. Tuesday       10 AM–6 PM
    3. Wednesday 10 AM–6 PM
    4. Thursday     10 AM–6 PM
    5. Friday          10 AM–6 PM
    6. Saturday     10 AM–6 PM
    7. Sunday        10 AM–6 PM

    Entry & Others Fees

    No entry fee is needed to get access inside the place.

    How to Reach

    By air: From the main city in Singerbhil, the Agartala airport is located about 12 km.  As Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Chennai, it connects to most major metros of the country, but only via Kolkata and Guwahati.  Daily passenger flights from and to the city airport are operated by airlines like SpiceJet, IndiGo, and Air India. From Kolkata or Guwahati to Agartala, the flight duration is only about one hour.

    Situated at about a distance of 570 km, the nearest airport is the Imphal airport. At about a distance of 575 km, the second closest airport is the Guwahati Airport.

    By rail: Be warned about traveling to Agartala by train, as it would take longer than the distance between Agartala and other cities. While from Kolkata, it’s about a distance of 12 hours, it takes about 28 hours, from Delhi.

    By road: From Kolkata, Guwahati, Shillong, and Silchar, there are regular and direct bus routes to Agartala which are preferred by tourists and businessmen alike. As buses now travel via the neighboring country, Bangladesh, the much-awaited Dhaka-Kolkata bus service has decreased the distance and duration between Kolkata and Agartala by almost half. Via National Highway 44, Agartala is connected to Assam and other states. KG Reliance Travels, Joy Ram Tours & Travels, Ezee Yatra Tours & Travels, and Tripura State Transport buses are the other well-known bus services that travel to and from the state capital city. To reach Agartala from Guwahati via Shillong, it takes about 24 hours through NH 44. You must keep in mind that it is not safe to travel to some rural areas after sunset.

    Tips for Travellers

    Unless you are fit and young, avoid visiting the cave. The attempts to maintain it is far from being foolproof,  and the path is also not safe.


    Que-01: Is this place safe to visit?

    Ans: yes, the place is safe to visit

    Que-02: Is photography allowed in this place?

    Ans: yes, photography is allowed there.

    Que-03: What is the best time to visit the place?

    Ans: You can visit the place anytime throughout the year.

    We wish you all the best for your journey. Happy Travel!!!

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