Naga Falls

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    Location: GJVH+3V8, Sikkim 737116, India

    Estimated Visiting Time: 1-2 hours.

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    The Naga Falls located around 21 kilometers from Bhim Nala Falls along the Gangtok-Chungthang road, is definitely one of Lachung‘s most stunning sights. This multi-tiered cascade, which is one of Sikkim’s tallest waterfalls, is a little off the main path and gives fantastic seclusion and relaxation from Lachung’s most popular attractions.


    It’s a typical waterfall with excellent visual appeal. The best feature is that the top and bottom are both very accessible, with well-formed rocks. This is one of North Sikkim’s most beautiful waterfalls. The water flows in a serpentine pattern. It appears to be more attractive during the rainy season, yet traveling during this time is perilous owing to landslides. In truth, the main bridge was destroyed by a flood a few years ago, and a military bridge was built in its stead.


    Beautiful view of Naga Falls.

    Naga Fall is quite an ancient waterfall in India. It was taken under the tourist development board in 1982. From then it is easily accessible to visitors.

    Inside/Outside Views

    Awe-inspiring view of Naga Falls.

    The Naga Waterfall is a popular tourist attraction with the utter beauty of its rushing chilly water splattering over the lush green flora on the hill’s craggy top. The streams created by this water falls melting.  A ropeway was developed for thrill seekers who want to experience the excitement of crossing a stream while suspended from a harness.

    Opening Hours

    The opening hour is 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

    Entry & Others Fees

    The entry fee is free.

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    How to Reach

    Two Choices are accessible for Discuss Courses 1) Bagdogra Airplane terminal, Found at the separate of around 134 Kms from Gangtok the Capital City of Sikkim. 2) Pakyong Air terminal, Found at the separate of around68 Kms from Gangtok the Capital City of Sikkim.

    By Road: Naga falls to Lachung is about 34.1 kms away. Lachung is well associated with different goals and cities like Gangtok (103 km), Darjeeling (169 km), Jalpaiguri (231 km) and Mangan (51 km) by street. Lachung can effortlessly come by street from any place in Sikkim.

    By Rail: The closest Railroad Station is Modern Jalpaiguri Station. Found at the Separate of Approximately 134 Kms from Gangtok.

    Tips for Travellers

    Use ropeway to get in the top of this waterfalls otherwise walking on slippery rocks could be dangerous.


    Que-01: Is this place safe to visit?

    Ans: Yes, it is a safe place to visit.

    Que-02: Near Police Station

    Ans: Mangan Police Station.

    Que-03: Is photography allowed in this place?

    Ans: Yes,photography is allowed here.

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