Phillaur Fort

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    Location: 2Q6Q+PHM, Punjab Police Academy Campus, Phillaur, Punjab 144410, India.

    Estimated Visiting Time: 1 hour

    During the region of 1628 to 1658 Shah Jahan, an Imperial Sarai was constructed here and in 1809 it was rebuilt as a fort. This fort is located on the Grand Trunk Road in Phillaur Punjab, India, and this fort is also known as Maharaja Ranjit Singh fort.


    This fort is a famous attraction in Phillaur and this person who has a chance to visit Phillaur must go to visit this fort.

    This fort is attractive and famous for its history. Most people sitting in this place only hear about the history of this fort.

    Otherwise, the environment of this place is so good. The environment is so quiet. You feel so peaceful after going there and the sunrise and sunset views from this place are another level of beautiful thing that you have never experienced in your life.  that he s the thing that attracted all the people very much.

    there are so many nearby attractions and these are:

    1. Agricultural University Museum. 
    2. Charan Kamal Gurudwara.
    3. Gurudwara Nanaksar Jagran 
    4. Gurudwara Shri Manji Sahib.
    5. International Sikh Museum.


    This place has an amazing history behind it. The town of Phillaur is located owes its origin to a Sanghera Jat, Paul, who named it after Himself as Phulnagar the Neru Rajputs of Mau cast covetous eyes on Phillaur, and eventually, under their Chief Rea Shahr, they wrested it from the Jats.  In 1627-1658 when an imperial Sarai was built at the pillar during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. In 1809 the Imperial Serai converted it into a formidable fort with the help of his french and Italian offices and then the fort was renamed Maharaja Ranjit Singh Fort by Punjab Government by a notification dated 6th April 1973.

    Inside/Outside Views

    In short, tend one can reach the fort through the winding paths or gateway, adjoining the outer boundary. 

    Inside this fort, there is the famous Shrine of Pir-i-Dastgir and is also known as Abdul Kadir Galani, and the Fort of Muslim Saint, g to members of Shah Shuja’s family.

    Opening Hours

    10.00 am to 5.00 pm is the visiting time of this place.

    Entry & Others Fees

    There are no entry fees for this place.  It’s free of cost for all visitors.

    How to Reach

    By air: Ludhiana Airport is the nearest airport to this place. You can easily reach there by air.

    By rail: The nearest railway station from this fort is Phillaur Junction. So after reaching Phillaur Junction you can take a taxi to reach this fort.
    By road: You can hire a car or take a bus to reach this place. If you take a bus to reach there then firstly you reach the Phillaur bus stand. Then you take a taxi to reach this fort. The road is the easiest way to reach this fort.

    Tips for Travellers

    You must carry your necessary things.


    Que-01: Is this place safe to visit?

    Ans: Yes its safe to visit

    Que-02: Is photography allowed in this place?

    Ans: Yes, photography is allowed there and there is no charge for this photography. 

    We wish you all the best for your journey. Happy Travel!!!

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