Siju caves

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    Location: Damra-Dambu-Baghmara-Barenggapara Rd, Meghalaya 794114, India.

    Visiting time: 2-3 hours.

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    Siju cave which is also known as Bat caves in English is one of the finest caves in India. It is situated in the North-East state of India the state of Meghalaya near the Napak Lake and Simsang River game reserve. This limestone cave is famous for its stalagmites and stalactites.


    First of all, this is a very mysterious place. This is a beautiful limestone cave. It is a natural cave. There is no lighting or directions. The beauty and the mystery of the place attract the tourists the most. It is a perfect place for adventure lovers. It is a deep cave and one of the best caves in India. Some fine river passages make it more beautiful.

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    Interior view of Siju cave in Baghmara, Meghalaya, INDIA.

    This cave system in Meghalaya is more than 4 km long. But nearly all of it is filled with water and inaccessible. It receives a lot of rain. The cave is also called the Bat cave or Cave of Bats due to the presence of an unusually large number of bats in it. This place is very adventurous and also beautiful. You must visit this place if you are traveling to Meghalaya. You should carry a wearable headlamp or torch and gumboots if you want to explore the caves.

    Inside/Outside Views

    Beautiful outside scenery at Siju Cave. Early morning cloud formation in the forest of Karwani River, Garo Hills in Meghalaya, India.

    The Siju cave is situated near Tura. It is a very exciting and adventurous place for tourists to explore Meghalaya. This is considered to be the third-longest cave system in the country. A huge part of this cave is unexplored by man today. It has several perplexing passages similar to that of a maze, but only these are naturally made.

    Opening Hours

    Saturday         6 am to 5 pm

    Sunday           6 am to 5 pm

    Monday          6 am to 5 pm

    Tuesday          6 am to 5 pm

    Wednesday    6 am to 5 pm

    Thursday       6 am to 5 pm

    Friday            6 am to 5 pm

    Entry & Others Fees

    No entry fee is required to visit this wonderful place.

    How to Reach

    By Air: The best way to reach the Siju caves is via Guwahati airport. It is well-connected with other cities in India and has both domestic and international flights. This airport is 193 km away from the caves. From there you can take a bus or hire private transport to reach the place.

    By Train: The easiest way to reach the Siju caves is via the Guwahati railway station. This has a good connection with the other major cities of the country. It is 209 km away from the place. From there you can hire any local or private transport to reach the caves.

    Tips for Travellers

    You should carry a water bottle and your necessary things on this trip.


    Que: Is photography allowed in Siju caves?

    Ans: Photography is allowed here. And no extra charge is required for it.

    Que: When is the best time to visit the Siju caves?

    Ans: The winter season is the perfect time to visit Siju caves. Which is in between December to February. You would be able to explore the place quite easily at this time.

    Que: Are guides available here?

    Ans: Guides are available here. You will not be able to explore the place without the help of a guide. You must hire a guide. You need to pay a certain amount to them.

    Que: Is it a safe place for tourists?

    Ans: This is a safe place for tourists. You need to be careful while visiting this place. If you have any problem you may contact the police. Here is the local police station information for you-

    Location: NH217, Nongalbibra, Meghalaya 794114, India

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