Tso Lhamo Lake

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    Location: Sikkim 737120

    Estimated Visiting Time: 1-2 hours.

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    Tso Lhamo Lake is one of the most extreme inland lakes in the world, situated at a height of 5,330 m. It is found in North Sikkim, India, around 4 km southwest of the worldwide border with China. It is encouraged through waters from the Zemu icy mass, Yangtse ice sheet, or Pauhunri ice sheet, and is the source of the Teesta Stream. Joseph Dalton Hooker made the lake famous as Cholamu Lake. Its call is additionally spelled Chho Lhamo and Cholamu Lake. Tso Lhamo Lake could be a frosty, fresh-water lake situated northeast of the Kangchenjunga run in an over-the-top level region related to the Tibetan Level.


    Tso Lhamo Lake

    Tso Lhamo Lake investigates the magnificence of Chopta valley, Thangu Valley, and Gurudongmar Lake on its way. The gutsy treks from Chopta valley to Deoria Tal and Tungnath Shiva Sanctuary without a doubt pull in the experience of adoring visitors of Sikkim. Whereas natural life devotees must visit the Kanchula Korak Musk Deer Asylum to interest themselves by seeing the extraordinary biodiversity spread over 5 sq. km of this place.


    Tso Lhamo Lake

    Tso Lhamo Lake is one of Tibet’s most fabled lakes, and it plays a significant part in Tibetan Buddhism. It has a unique place in Tibetan Buddhism’s reincarnation system. When the illustrious monks came to see the reborn soul boy, they would first go to the lake to observe.

    Inside/Outside Views

    Tso Lhamo Lake

    The Tso Lhamo Lake in Sikkim is lovely all through the year, but rainstorms, which are the heaviest within the nation and aggravate all roads and networks. Thus, the finest time to visit Tso Lhamo Lake is any time of the year, as per your inclination. Each time of the year offers a diverse location. For instance, the spring season beginning in March and finishing in April offers greenery and a wealth of experience. This is the time when the range is filled with orchids, rhododendrons, and other blooms. And a slight snowfall can also be seen at times. For nature significant others, this can be the foremost fitting time to visit the valley and the Tso Lhamo Lake. Be that as it may, for Picture takers and travel bloggers, the finest time is the harvest time season, which spreads over mid-September to November. The sky is exceptionally clear with direct temperatures and unsurprising weather.

    Opening Hours

    From sunrise to sunset.

    Entry & Others Fees

    No entry fees.

    How to Reach

    By Air: The closest domestic airplane terminal is Bagdogra Air terminal which is around a four and half hour drive from Lachen. You ought to enlist a taxi from the airplane terminal to reach Lachen where taxis and jeeps are accessible to go to the lake.

    By Rail: The closest Railroad Station to Gurudongmar Lake is Darjeeling Railroad Station which is associated with most of the cities of Sikkim and is at a distance of 171 Kms from Lachen. Siliguri, Sukna, Tindharia, Mahanadi, Dilaram, Sonada, Jorebunglow and Ghum are the cities it is well associated with.

    By Road: Lachen is associated through Sikkim State Street Transport Enterprise (SSRTC) and a few private travel administrations to all the major cities of Sikkim. Normal buses handle from Lachen to these states. From Lachen, you’ll get jeeps and taxis to reach Cholamu Lake.

    Tips for Travellers

    • Carry bottled water and a little outing with you.
    •  Sturdy shoes and a warm dress will be accommodating.


    Que-01: Is this place safe to visit?

    Ans: Yes, it is safe to visit.

    Que-02: Near Police Station

    Ans: Lachung Police Station.

    Que-03: Is photography allowed in this place?

    Ans: Yes, photography is allowed here.

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