Umananda Island

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    Location: Baruah Souk, North Guwahati, Guwahati, Assam 781030

    Estimated Visiting Time: 2 to 3 hours

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    Nowadays people are living in a chaotic environment. They want to escape from this hustle and desire to pass time with the beauty of nature to feel the pleasure and peace of nature. If you have such a desire then we got an amazing place for you. That is Umananda island. It is a heaven of nature. The Umananda Island is the smallest inhabited river island that sits in the middle of the river Brahmaputra passing through Guwahati city in Assam of India. The island is also named Peacock island by the British.


    Umananda Island is one of the most beautiful inhabited islands in the world. Many visitors are attracted by this island for its immense natural beauty. The mountains, rock pathways, and the Brahmaputra all together make the island heaven for nature-loving people. In a word, the natural beauty of Umananda island is incredible. Visitors can also find the species of golden langur on the island. There is also a Umananda temple on the island. The temple is known as the Siva temple and it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There are lots of myths regarding the temple. Many visitors and devotees from all around the globe travel to the island to pay a visit to the temple. The temple is greatly significant to Hindu religious people.  The God and nature-loving people are mostly attracted by the island. 

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    People at Peacock Umananda island in Brahmaputra river near Guwahati

    It is believed that Lord Shiva created the Umananda island for his wife Parvati’s happiness and pleasure. It is also believed that Lord Shiva resided on this island as a Bhayananda and during the beginning of creation Lord Shiva sprinkled ashes here and conveyed the supreme knowledge to his wife, Pravati. The island is also called Urvasi Island as it is considered that Goddess Urvasi also resides on this island. It is said by the legend that Lord Shiva destroyed Kamadeva into ashes on this hillock when he disturbed Him during meditation

    Inside/Outside Views

    Beautiful view of Umananda island

    The view of the island is so beautiful. For its natural beauty, it is greatly popular with the people and it becomes a famous tourist spot. This island is on the river Brahmaputra to reach the island visitors need to cross this river. Traveling on the ferries, stunning sights of the river, sounds of water flow, the mountains, and rock pathways altogether are enormously pleasing to the visitors. There is a famous Shiva temple on the island which is popularly known as the Umananda temple. During the festival and to offer prayers visitors and devotees gather on the island.

    Opening Hours

    7.00 am to 5.00 pm is the visiting time of this place.

    Entry & Others Fees

    There is no entry fee in this place.

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    How to Reach

    By Road: Umananda Island is 6.9 km away from Guwahati city. It can be easily reached from Guwahati city by bus, cab, or auto-rickshaw. People need to go to Fancy Bazar ghat and the Sukleshwar ghats from Guwahati city. From there, visitors need to take ferries to reach the temple on Umanada island crossing the river Brahmaputra.

    By Railway: The nearest railway station to Guwahati city is the Guwahati railway station which is 1.4 km away. It will take approximately 4 minutes from the station to reach the city. 

    By Airport: The nearest airport to Guwahati city is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi airport which is 22.2 km away. It will take approximately 1 hour 30 minutes from the airport to reach the city.

    Tips for Travellers

    You should please be aware that the island is extremely sensitive and quite ecological balanced make sure you don’t litter. And carry water bottles.


    Que-01: Is this place safe to visit?

    Ans: Yes it’s safe to visit this place.

    Que-02: Is photography allowed in this place?

    Ans: Yes photography is allowed there and it’s free of cost.

    Que-03: What is the best time to visit this island?

    Ans: Visitors can also visit the island anytime in a year but it is suggested to visit during the winter (September to March) at that time the atmosphere is very pleasant to the traveler and it is the perfect time to visit. Also, it is advised to check the climatic condition of Guwahati before visiting the island.

    We wish you all the best for your journey. Happy Travel!!!

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