Vishnu Temple

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    Location: JQC5+3W9, Bishnupur, Manipur 795126, India.

    Visiting time: 2 hours.

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    Vishnu Temple Temple is a primitive temple located within the fort of Bishnupur. This temple is also dedicated to Lord Vishnu as many other temples in the Bishnupur district. In the state of Manipur, Bishnupur is a town that got fame for its terracotta temples. Terracotta art has been displayed in this five-peaked temple in its true sense. This Temple is just amazing.


    Vishnu Temple, Bishnupur, ManipurIt is one of the attractions of the town. People from many places come to visit this temple. A number of economic, social, and religious themes are narrated and decorated in the panels of the temple. The temple has a very high aesthetic invitation through its fine. So, don’t miss the beauty of this temple.


    The Vishnu Temple in Bishnupur is a 15th-century temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. King Kyamba of Manipur, together with Chaopha Khe Khomba, the king of Pong, conquered Kyang, a Shan kingdom in the Kabaw Valley of modern-day Myanmar. Rejoicing in the victory, King Pong presented King Kyamba with an idol of Lord Vishnu. King Kyamba started worshiping the idol in Lumlangdong, which later became known as Bishnupur, meaning residence He then built a brick Vishnu temple in Bishnupur, now in under the ministry of H.R.D. (Archaeology) by the Government of India as a protected historical monument. Now it stands as a symbol of the remains of antiquity. And the statue that King Pong gave Kyamba is very important as it gives us an idea of ​​the religious beliefs of those days and the name he gave it. During the reign of Kyamba, the worship of Vishnu began again in Manipur. The king of Pong presented a small image of Lord Vishnu when he made a treaty with the king of Manipur in 1470 AD. Kamba built a brick temple in Bishnupur and installed the image there. In this way, the worship of Lord Vishnu began again in Manipur. But “despite regular worship of Vishnu Kyamba, he was not initiated into Vaishnavism by a teacher.

    Inside/Outside Views

    Vishnu Temple, Bishnupur, ManipurThe whole view of this place is amazing. Whenever you visit this place it will take away all your monotony, negative energy, etc. It gives you position energy. This is a temple which is really worth visiting providing excellent carvings on the wall with outstanding architecture. The temple has a very high aesthetic invitation through its fine. The curved ceiling of the temple, which cannot be seen in any other temple is influenced by Islamic architecture. Once you visited this temple, it will treat your eyes.

    Opening Hours

    Everyday- from 6am to 6pm

    Entry & Others Fees

    No Entry free

    How to Reach

    By Air: Via regular flights, Bishnupur is not well connected to other major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Ahmedabad, etc. the country. 

    By Rail: Again, from other major cities of the country, there are no regular trains to Bishnupur .

    By Road: Through regular bus services,Bishnupur is well connected to other cities in Manipur.  To reach Bishnupur, one can get Private buses, cars, and jeeps available here. And from the bus stand of Bishnupur, you can easily go to the temple.

    Tips for Travellers

    Don’t  harm any structures  there and be polite inside the park.Any kind of violence is not accepted.


    Que: Is this place safe to visit?

    Ans: Yes, the temple is safe to visit.

    Que: Is photography allowed in this place?

    Ans: Though all temples keep a prohibition of bringing phones and camera inside the temple some temples allows to keep them. But limited photography is allowed. You can take photos of articulated walls in the temple and also can click photos of the outside view of the temple.

    We wish you all the best for your journey. Happy Travel!!!

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