Bogatha Waterfall

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    Location: chekupelli, Vajedu Road, Chekupalli Rd, Koyaveerapuram G, Telangana 507136, India

    Visiting time: 9 am to 5 pm.

    From Bhadrachalam, Bogatha Waterfall is at a distance of 120 km, and from Hyderabad, it is at a distance of 329 km. Because of the newly constructed Eturnagaram bridge on National Highway 202, the distance has come down from 440 km. A splendid spectacle of falling waters and rich landscape is presented by A dignified waterfall in the district of Khammam and the second biggest waterfall in the State, Bogatha waterfall.  Visitors need to trek for some distance as the motorable road is not available. To those who are interested in trekking and looking for a chance to indulge in adventure sports, visiting this waterfall gives an excellent opportunity.


    For parking cars, the forest department made elaborate arrangements, and barricades for safety at waterfalls, and children’s parks. This waterfall is also known as Telangana Niagara and is worth visiting and a very beautiful place with an amazing view of the waterfall.


    Bogatha Waterfall

    With the greenery and waterfalls, it is one of the best picnic spots, with good nature and the universal kind of place which can be enjoyed by all aged groups of people. Waterfalls are very tranquil and dramatic. Bamboo chicken is another specialty of this place and is available here which is a very mouthwatering dish. It is really important to improve the facilities.

    Inside/Outside Views

    Bogatha Waterfall

    From Eturnagaram, this waterfall is located at a distance of 23km, the way to Chhattisgarh, after crossing Mallakatta Godavari Bridge. From parking, one needs to walk for a 1km distance. To view the waterfalls, there are nice watch towers

    Opening Hours

    Sunday                    9 AM- 5 PM

    Monday                   9 AM- 5 PM

    Tuesday                   9 AM–5 PM

    Wednesday             9 AM–5 PM

    Thursday                 5 AM–9 PM

    Friday                       5 AM–9 PM

    Saturday                  5 AM–9 PM

    Entry & Others Fees

    One needs to pay 20rs per head and for the vehicle to go inside the gate, 50rs is needed pay.

    How to Reach

    Situated on the banks of the Godavari River, Bhadrachalam is a temple town. Perpetually thronged by pilgrims from all corners of India, with a probable history dating back to the events that took place in the Ramayana, Bhadrachalam is a town.

    By air: Via regular flights, the city of Bhadrachalam is not well connected to other major cities of the country. Rajahmundry is the nearest airport with about a distance of 116 km.

    By rail: Regular trains to Bhadrachalam from other major cities of the country are easily available on Bhadrachalam road.

    Tips for Travellers

    • So that you can enter the water, you should try to visit at end of the rainy season or else the water flow is very high and the police won’t allow you to get into the water.
    • From Bhadrachalam temple, Bogatha waterfalls are easily commutable.
    • So that, based on the waterfalls people can plan their visit, it is needed to know the water level on the website. When the waterfall gets more higher the beauty of the waterfall also gets high.


    Que: Is this place safe to visit?

    Ans: The place is safe to visit except rainy season.

    Que: Is photography allowed in this place?

    Ans: yes, photography is allowed in the place.

    Que: What is the best time to visit the place?

    Ans: Though it looks more beautiful during the monsoon, as it is not safe to visit the place at that time, you can visit the waterfall any other time except monsoon or you can enjoy it also in the monsoon but you can’t get inside the fall as the water flow is very high in that time.

    We wish you all the best for your journey. Happy Travel!!!

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