Koel View Point

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    Location: Netarhat, Jharkhand 822119, India

    Estimated Visiting Time: 1 to 2 hours

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    Koel viewpoint is one of the famous tourist destinations in Jharkhand. In this place, there is a river which is known as the koel river. That’s the most beautiful view of this place. This koel river flows 10 kilometers below the site. This place is the most visited place for tourists.


    There are so many reasons to be attracted to this place. This view of this place is one of them. The sunset view, the sunrise view, moonlit night, and the winter morning, in this Season or this view this place looks so beautiful that you Can’t take back your eyes. You feel so fresh after going there Because of the natural beauty of this place. You can take a deep breath and it feels so refreshing and you feel like you are in heaven. This riverside view in the moonlight is so beautiful. This river looks so amazing. For all these reasons visitors love this place very much.

    There are so many places to visit and these are:


    This place is a natural place. There is no history behind this place. This place is simply made for the tourists for entertainment. So there is no history of this place.

    Inside/Outside Views

    This place gives you mesmerizing views of the surroundings and especially the river of koel. This river reflected all the natural wonders around. The best site to witness is to see the sunlight reflected in myriad ways on the koel rover and during the sunset. The river seems to be translated into a silvery stream during the moonlight. Several villagers accommodate primitive tribes that compete with you to bring out your camera and capture their interesting lifestyle.

    Opening Hours

    10:00 AM to 10.00 PM is the visiting time of this place.

    Entry & Others Fees

    There are no entry fees to this place; it’s free for visitors.

    Near Restaurants

    Nearby famous restaurants in this place are:

    How to Reach

    By Air: Birsa Munda Airport is the nearest airport from Koel’s viewpoint. 

    By Rail: Daltonganj Railway station is nearest to this place and it’s about 116 km away from this railway. 

    By Road: you can hire a bus or take a car to reach this place Directly.

    Tips for Travellers

    There are no restaurants inside this place. So everyone should carry water bottles and the necessary things they need.


    Que-01: Is this place safe to visit?

    Ans: Yes, it’s safe to visit koel’s viewpoint. 


    Que-02: Is photography allowed in this place?

    Ans: Yes, photography is allowed in this place and there is no charge for this photography.

    Que-03: Are there any parking facilities in this place?

    Ans: Yes, there are parking facilities in this place and it’s free of cost.

    Que-04: What is the best time to visit this place?

    Ans: November to March are the best time to visit this place.

    Que-5: How many days a week does this place remain open?

    Ans: This place remains open all the days of the week.

    We wish you all the best for your journey. Happy Travel!!!

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