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    • Location: Nimal, Rajgir, Bihar 803121, India
    • Visit duration: 30 Min to 1 Hr (approximately)
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    Venu Van is located in Rajgir city in the state of Bihar, India. Actually, it is a park. It is located near Rajgir Hot Springs. It is the northeast city of Bihar. It is the most popular and historic city in Bihar. This place is famous for tourism. The nearest city to Rajgir is Bodh Gaya. This city is also famous for tourism. Moreover, it is a very attractive and majestic city for travel. Rajgir is a very holy place for Buddhists. Venu Van is the top and most popular pilgrimage spot to visit in Rajgir. Rajgir is a very historic city. You can see many historical places here like Venu Van.


    Enjoying venu van placeThis place is one of the best places in Rajgir. If you have ever chance to visit Rajgir then you must visit this place. This place is so beautiful that you cannot imagine it. 

    This place is well decorated and you feel so relieved after visiting this place.


    There is some history behind this place. This place was gifted by the king of Magadha to the Lord Buddha.  The name of the Magadha king was Bimbisara. He was very famous. This is about 2500 years ago. Venu Van was very favorable to the Lord Buddha. He used to bathe here before going to teach his disciples. There was a pond inside the Venu Van, whose name was Karandak Tank. Whenever he came to Rajgir, he used to bathe in this pond every day.

    Inside/Outside Views

    view venu van placeRajgir is the most popular and historical place for tourists and visitors. You can see a small pond in the middle of the place. You can see a Buddha Mandir here. From the time of that Buddha, the seriousness, beauty, and serenity of this place have been maintained. If you list all the historical places of Rajgir, then the Venu Van of Rajgir must be at the top.

    Opening Hours

    Venu Van opens every day at 6:00 AM and closes at 6:00 PM. It opens during the public holidays also.

    Entry & Others Fees

    You have to pay Rs. 5 if you are an Indian and you have to pay Rs. 70 if you are from foreign.

    Near Hotels

    How to Reach

    By Air: You can reach Venu Van by air. The closest airport to Rajgir city is Gaya International Airport which is just 57 km away from Rajgir city. It is an international airport. So you can get both domestic and international flights from here. If you really want a comfortable journey you can go to Venu Van by air.

    By Train: This place can be visited by train also. The closest railway station from Rajgir city is Rajgir Railway Station. If you want a peaceful journey you can try it.

    By Road: This city is also visited via road. The roads of the city are so well. In Rajgir, you can find various kinds of local transport services as well as buses, taxis or cabs. In Rajgir city, bus services are so good and the people of the city use bus services for travel within the city. You can also hire private transport like a taxi or cab and easily reach your destination, Venu Van.

    Tips for Travellers

    You should carry a water bottle and some snacks on this trip.


    Que-01: Is this place safe to visit?

    Ans: Yes, this place is totally safe to visit. This is a hassle-free place.

    But for your needs, there is a location of the local police station near Venu Van. If you need any help you can contact them.

    • Location: SH71, Bangali Para, Rajgir, Bihar 803116, India
    Que-02: Is photography allowed inside Venu Van?

    Ans: No, photography is not allowed inside Venu Van.

    Que-03: Is a parking zone available in Venu Van?

    Ans: No, there is no parking zone available in Venu Van. You have to park your vehicles at the hotel where you are staying or you can hire any parking area from somewhere. 

    Que-04: Best time to visit Venu Van:

    Venu Van can be visited at any time throughout the year. But the best time to visit Venu Van city is between October to March. Between this time the watcher of the city remains favorable. On hot days, Rajgir has very hot weather. But between October and March, the weather is somewhat favorable, So if you go to Venu Van during this time, you will be able to enjoy your journey in a very beautiful way.

    We wish you all the best for your journey. Happy Travel!!!

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